The Army vet and gonzo journalist is digging into Tom Clancy, Michael Flynn, and other whackos in the national security space.
Vroom! Vroom! goes the G.I. Bill car.
If successful, an audacious group of veterans advocates could secure restitution for more than 100 years of harm.
PTSD has long plagued veterans. It's also informed our understanding of war’s true terror. Now, as scientists race for a cure, a growing chorus is…
"It was clear during the research and interviews that no journalist or agent or go-between ever really applied a lick of scrutiny to this story."
The movement to end the Vietnam War could have morphed into something larger. What went wrong?
Claims of vested interests, potential insider trading, and other misconduct focus on officials who've defended the G.I. Bill
Is the government pushing veterans into bad jobs?
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Battle Borne