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Regarding Alliance School of Trucking

you posted an old article from 2019 from the Department of Justice


here's an updated one, where criminal Emmit Marshall sentenced to 4 years in federal jail he's also sentenced to 3 years in state jail

by Xavier Becerra Case # BA 464429

Totaling 7 years behind bars.


From what I've heard originally it was supposed to be 2 to 10 years for each felony count

he pled guilty to (which is 5 felony counts of the 10). but his sentence was drastically reduced to 4 years

Previously there were some articles that said Emmett Marshall would be facing up to 100 years in jail.

I believe he used our children to coerce the judge to a minimal slap on the wrist 4 years sentence.

And the same with the state only sentencing him 3 years totaling 7 years

Below link is the legal papers complaint By Xavier Becerra


Emmit Marshall is a hoodlum and a scam artist. I should know. I'm his ex-wife.

He forged my name off of several properties including one that I owned in my own name 8 years prior to getting married. I have never been able to have Justice because I don't have enough money to get attorneys as he stole everything from me. In court, it's illegal system, not a justice system, and whoever has the most money wins.

Even though he wasn't punished for what he did to me, his karma caught up to him. And I hope one day to pursue Justice for me to get back what I used to have

Here's an updated article from the DOJ

Let me know if you have any other questions I'm happy to help.

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